Introdcuing MiDoc - Document Management System

easy to use for small business

As a small business managing your documents is now easier with MiDoc. As a VAR Partner we have a solution for your document management.


Document Management System:

Nothing is more critical, than to manage information contained in both paper and electronic documents.

Mdoc Document management system places all the information any small business needs within their grasp.

Documents can be confidential and require suitable security and control, over who can retrieve your information. This is imperative to protect the nature of the information contained.


MiDoc Document Management System can:


- Integrate your paper documents and digital files for simplified access

- Increase eciency and reduce costs

- Improve document workflow throughout local and remote oces

- Easier retrieval of documents and information


- Reduce storage space and enhance security through controlled user access.

An efficient way to store documents